Introductory Video LANSCHOOL

Maximize Learner Experience - Total Control of Your Classroom 


Maximum Learner Experience
Total Control of the Classroom

Know Everything your Students are Working On. See how they are progressing and
when they need your help.  Restrict Internet use, Blank their Screens and Command Attention.

View Each Student SCREEN

View a Thumbnail of every Student Screen in your class.  Monitor Student progress, do they need help or are they straying off-course. 

Take Control of Student PC

Keep Students attention while teaching.  No more competing with Facebook, Youtube etc


Restrict & Control Web Sites, Social Media and Applications.

Block, Release and Control which Websites and which Applications etc you want your Students to have access to. 

Take Student Polls & Comments

Conduct Snap Tests and Quizzes on your Lesson current content.

Monitor & Protect
Student On-Line

CHAT Service

Restrict Internet
"In-Class" Web Use

Interested in using LanSchool for your next Training Course?

We can give you more information, tutorials and demonstration on what LANSchool can do to help you maximize
the Learner Experience.

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